Sunday, March 28, 2010


I am often encouraging my friends or most anybody I meet to write their memoirs, start a blog, anything if they think they might want to write. And, I am amazed constantly at the fact that everybody has a story. Really and for us older than dirt types, when we "hit the road," our story is gone if we don't write it. So...The below are some comments to a couple of my Vietnam buddies that I am trying to get to write their stories. What they can do is send to me on emails or write it as though they were telling me the story.

As an example of what I want you and Larry to do for our book, here's an example: My wife and I have watched two movies of late. Both very religious. It happened by accident as I am in charge of selecting our Netflix movies. The first one was called Faith and Potatoes. It was very evangelical, not subtle at all. Good story, farmer in South Africa, well done but bad theology. Meaning, of course, that life does not work where God rewards the good and righteous and zaps the others, just makes God too arbitrary. "OK, I'm zapping this one, giving this one cancer." See what I mean. Please! The second one was done by the Catholic Church, very subtle. Also, a good movie but bad theology. A handsome young guy comes into town and transforms it: rebuilds the Baptist Church which are mostly AA. Encourages Priest who wants his own parish but has another senior priest looking over his shoulder and not liking his approach, etc. Then he restores sight to blind girl to show that some faith healer who has a tent revival is scamming the people. And, he takes a black man, stuttering who wants to be preacher and raises him from the dead and he no longer stutters. (Are you still with me. This is why I love to write, could you imagine telling this story to the GFs)) And, finally he is summoned to Rome where he tells the Pope that the Church needs more love and less judgement. In the little town back home, they are all a bunch of Republicans loving each other and saying "yes." Just kidding. But, amazing to contrast the two movies. Jackie and I had long discussion as we were both raised in the environment of the first movie; much of it is still with me but more healthier I hope. Amen. God bless.

Therein is the lesson for you and Larry to write your stories and I'll collect them. Why not start with your joining the merchant marines. People would love it. God bless. I am going to attempt to be more on top of my responsibilities. Let's plan a trip but GFs to Tahoe. I'm ready for one night

Saturday, March 27, 2010

This is a great comment and one to keep in mind as you look for help in your writing.

And I do want to say something here and hope you understand my intent. You have asked me, previously, to work on two projects for you (marketing Brothers...and now you see you really did NOT need me at all...and then trying to get your writing published in magazines and newspapers), and I declined both. I want to make sure you understand that I declined both of those kind invitations based solely on the fact that I felt strongly that I would not be able to help you (at least not enough to justify you paying me) with either. Just so you know, I always love working for and with you, but have to assess each project with an eye to whether or not I could do you any good at all. Since you are now working on another book - and I'm about to sound VERY bold here - I would love to be considered when you look for an editor for that book, if you decide you need an editor. But I won't be at all distressed if you decide on someone else....I just wanted you to know I really love working for you when I think I might actually be of some use. ES