Wednesday, August 26, 2009


***Adam is an autistic adult, normally called, Asperger syndrome , who can't find a place in the world. Space and the stars seem to be his only escape from reality. He's lost his job at an engineering company and needs some way to pay the rent. When a girl moves into an apartment in his building, he opens up his alternate universe to her; but it turns out she has troubles of her own, and needs a man who can help her through this tough times in her life--a man who can take control and knows the right thing to do.

Adam is not this man. In fact, he is the one who needs help. Beth, Adam's new neighbor, helps Adam find a job and helps him get his life together, all the while wondering if this is what she wanted.

This movie made me laugh and cry all at the same time. It made me think what would I do if I fell in love with someone who wasn't right for me? Do you think it would be hurting yourself, always having to take care of someone else even when you're the one who needs caring for? Or, does it matter at all, as long as you know you will always be with them? This movie makes you think and it touches you whereas most movies fail to. This movie makes you think about possibilities and most of all what love means to you. Amazing only begins to describe this movie, seeing it will warm your heart and make you feel good.

***The above and the review below are written by guest reviewer, Lupe Jaccobson, age 13, and author of My Grandma Has A BlackBerry.

The Time Travelers Wife

This movie is many different genres packed together. Not only is it about time traveling but its also a love story, and somewhat of an action packed movie. The main character of this movie was a time traveler, he could narrowly escape death by traveling to a different time and place before even being touched. He could also go back in time and visit people.

Time traveling as we found out comes with many set backs, such as he can't control when he goes on thesCheck Spellinge trips, and he can't control where to. Though this movie is a creation from a book, (that I didn't read) I thought it was well done. The settings, and the scenery were fantastic. Although the movie didn't come out with a good ending, it was well thought out and produced, so I urge you to go see it. Not very realistic, but if you need a break from reality, or something to think about, The Time Travelers Wife is a movie you should definitely consider.