Monday, March 16, 2009


The President and family would do well to spend one evening watching Annie. Here could be his theme song, The sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar, there'll be sun tomorrow. Just thinking about tomorrow, so you have to hang on till tomorrow. Come what may. Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, you are always a day away.

If I were him, I’d do the version of Daddy Warbucks with Albert Finney and Carol Burnett. It was precious with Daddy Warbucks as a Republican tycoon and FDR’s New Deal.

Annie the orphan believes immediately and Daddy Warbucks, the selfish business tycoon follows, won over by the naive and ultimately pure Annie. The scheming potential parents of Annie represent the Wall Street tycoons and selfish money grubbing bankers. It all ends well as our crisis will even though we are not the same as before but wiser and better.